XZ - Medicine Buddha Eliminate Calamities & Obstacles for Longevity & Blessings (Continuous 49 days of blessings & merits accumulation for the unwell)


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☘️ For whom do we perform virtues for: 
If oneself or closed ones need to increase blessings and be healthy, or have fallen ill due to various kinds of disease or ailments, low spirit, sense of unease mentally, one should cultivate virtues, increase bliss, accumulate merits for supplication and merits dedication.

☘️ What kind of virtues do donors create: 
Dedication to sponsors or those who seek to have good health and increased blessings, for supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings. 

☘️ All donation, monastery will acknowledge by:
Dedication of Nine great virtues for the unwell:
🪔 Immediate blessings offerings upon registration: Names of unwell will be placed before the Buddha, and offering to the 7 Medicine Buddhas for continuous 49 days on behalf of the unwell to supplicate for blessings with merits dedication. 
🪔 Continuous 49 days of offering Life Extension banner: offering of large size Life Extension banner before the Medicine Buddha, with names of the unwell written on it for blessings.  
🪔 Offering of exquisite Medicine Buddha Blessing card for elimination of calamities & for longevity: Various types of auspicious offerings for longevity will reflected on the card, with names of those who of seeking good health inscribed on it, and offered to the Buddha, with recorded dedication verses from Avatamsaka sutra.
🪔 Continuous 49 days of lighting Life Extension lamp: Special Medicine Buddha altar to be set up with various items for offering and lighting of Life Extension lamp for 49 days continuously.
🪔 Smoke offering: Weekly, Sangha will lead the masses to make offerings of smoke and medicine pouches, reciting names of unwell for karmic obscurations and sickness to be eliminated, for all enmities with karmic debtors and creditors to be resolved.
🪔 Offer hundred types of Chinese herbs and western medicine to Medicine Buddha: Supplicate for Medicine Buddha’s blessings for sickness to be eliminated and achieve wellness.
🪔 Offering to the Sangha and masses: during period of the Puja, offer to the Sangha and masses to accumulate blessings.
🪔 Vast offerings to Buddhas for blessings:  Make offerings on behalf of the unwell for blessings and dedications on every lunar 1st and 15th day of the month.
🪔 With the merits accumulated from   Great Compassion Repentance Puja: for all calamities to be eliminated, have longevity, healthy body and mind, all karmic obstacles, afflictions to be eliminated, enmities with to be resolved, all matters to be auspicious. Also, be reborn in happy realms life after life, dignified appearance that delight everyone, wealthy and prosperous, abundant clothings and food in future lives, increase bliss and wisdom, and swiftly attain Buddhahood.

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