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💫 The merits of printing scriptures:
Printing of scripture has three kind of Perfections of Generosity -
Material gifts: Print scriptures with money
The gift of the teachings: Printing and circulation of scriptures where the Buddha propagates the true Dharma.
The gift of fearlessness: Allow the destined ones to come into contact with the scriptures, in order to transcend confusion and attain enlightenment.

Collections of the 8 great virtues mentioned in Buddhist scriptures -
Elimination of bad karma: light ones will be eliminated, and serious ones will become lighter.
Blessings from the Dharma Protectors: from plague, water, fire, weapons, prison and other disasters.
Peace of mind: No danger in the day and no nightmares at night.
Peace and happiness in this life: plenty of food and clothing, harmonious family, and long life. Radiant appearance and energetic.
Love and esteem by humans and heaven.
Fortune increases and wisdom grows: The foolish become wise, the sick become healthy, and the troubled turn around.
Peace and happiness in the next life: liberated from the miserable realm, rebirth in the virtuous realms, with a good appearance, superior talents, and extraordinary blessings.
High status of rebirth: encounter with the Buddha in every life, listen to the true Dharma, and attain Buddhahood. 

💫 Types of Printing -
✨ Lamrim (Chinese Simplified version)
✨ The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (English Edition)
✨ Lamrim - Serenity
✨ Lamrim - Insight
✨ Lamrim - Commentaries (Chinese)
✨ Lamrim - Commentaries (English)
✨ Global Lamrim
✨ Serenity & Insight
✨ Five Treatise related teachings materials
✨ Nanshan Precepts for Householders
✨ Nanshan Precepts for Householders Commentary
✨ Various Buddhist sutras, scriptures and precepts book

💫 Benefits of printing scriptures: The names of the following donors will be listed in the Simplified Chinese Lamrim (First batch of 1,000 copies, Closing Date: 31/12/2024, Tuesday 9pm)
✨ Perfect Wisdom Donor $10,000
✨ Great Wisdom Donor $1,000
✨ Great Compassion Donor $500
✨ Compassion & Wisdom Donor $300
✨ Wisdom Donor $100
Illumine Donor  $50
💫 Donor's name will be printed in the version of the Simplified Chinese Lamrim from BW Monastery. The order and size of the names will vary according to the amount of the donation.

☘️ Donations are applicable for expenses related to books, Dharma images, design, layout, printing, transportation, distribution, and operation.
☘️ When the printing required amount of funds is reached, the donations will be stopped in advance.



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