EVO - Offering Lamp,Dhvaja Banner & Exquisite Ornaments for Crystal Buddha (*Limited Sets)


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A. Offering items and Respective Benefits : 
Offering of Altar for the Buddha:  An altar for the Buddha signifies the Pureland where Buddhas and Bodhisattvas reside. The offering of one altar thus signifies the offering of one Pureland.  Merits include staying in grand and dignified residences for many lifetimes, in a peaceful country and harmonious society. 
🔸 Offering of Lamp: With the offering of lamp for the interior of the altar, it will light up the entire altar and Buddha’s image.  The merits of such offering include radiant appearance for many lifetimes, unrestrained growth in wisdom and eloquence. 
🔸 Offering of Dhvaja Banner: The Dhvaja Banner represents the Buddha’s victory in overcoming afflictions and reign as the Conqueror of the Three Worlds. With the offering of one Dhvaja Banner to the Buddha, the merits include rebirths in distinguished households for many lifetimes, amass great blessings and success and can attain Buddhahood. 
🔸 Offering of Parasol: The Parasol is a symbol of dignity and power; it can remove all demonic obstacles and is pure and auspicious.  With the offering of one parasol, the merits include great power for many lifetimes, protection from the Triple Gem, able to overcome obstacles and protect beings. 

B. Overall merits in making offerings as depicted in many sutras and Tripitaka:

⭐ rebirths as universal monarch, heavenly king or king of human realm, or born into virtuous and noble family.
⭐ receive blessings and happiness on human and heavenly realms, with innumerable wealth and treasures, and endless blessings.
⭐ mostly attain the body of a male and not that of a female.
⭐ wisdom beyond comparison; endowed with skillful speech that pleases everyone who hears it.
⭐ clear eyes and perfect physical features that are always respected and loved by everyone.
⭐ longevity without illness, will not be harmed by poison, war, water, fire, resentful thieves, etc.
⭐ born in a place where one can often encounter Buddhas and make offerings to them.
⭐ elimination of non-virtuous deeds. All nonvirtuous karma will be eliminated, and swift liberation from life and death without hindrance.
⭐ protection from the Buddhas of the ten directions.
⭐ cause for thirty-two auspicious marks, and swift attainment of Buddhahood.

C. All donation, monastery will acknowledge by:
🧧 Offering of one golden bell within BWM for one year.
🧧 You will get to participate in the Bell Offering Puja.
🧧 Your name will be printed on the leaf of the bell.
🧧 Merits will be dedicated to you at our year-end Great Compassion Repentance Puja.

D. Offering method:
☘️ Each offering of $1,500 includes one name for blessing (Individual / Business / Name & Family)


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