EVO - Offer Luminous Lamps At The Compassion Pagoda To The Medicine Buddha


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💫 Introduction:
☘️ The Compassion Pagoda is situated to the left of the mountain gates. The octagonal seven-tiered pagoda measures up to three meters in height, and is sculpted intricately using imperial red stone, giving it a dignified and magnificent appearance.
☘️ A total of 48 gold-gilded statues of the Medicine Buddha, Master of Medicine and King of Lapis Lazuli Radiance, are placed in the pagoda, with eight in each tier.
☘️ Lights will be installed to each tier of the pagoda to illuminate the statues.

💫 Engage in the following virtuous deeds
☘️ Donate to support the Monastery’s efforts in Dharma propagation
☘️ Make light offerings to exquisite statues of the Medicine Buddha gilded in pure gold for a period of one year
☘️ By the merit of offering luminous lamps to the Medicine Buddha, achieve great luminosity and a strong and healthy body adorned with beauty and dignity, as well as profound wisdom and the swift attainment of Buddhahood in successive lifetimes.
With unwavering devotion, I offer lights to the Buddha’s pagoda day and night. May all sentient beings and I completely dispel the darkness of ignorance and attain the luminous wisdom akin to that of the Buddha.

💫 All donations to the Monastery in this category will be acknowledged in the following ways:
☘️ Donors can install the Medicine Buddha’s pagoda of medicine treasures in person and supplicate to receive blessings from the Medicine Buddha, to achieve health in body and mind and attain the state of Buddhahood.
☘️ 1X name/name & family on a card for blessings of wisdom per donor for a period of one year.
☘️ Invitation to:
Qingming-and-Repentance Ritual of Emperor Liang Grand Puja, where merits will also be dedicated to donors,
Year-end Auspicious Light Festival
☘️ Dedication of Merits to donors at the year-end Great Compassion Repentance puja: May your family enjoy peace and prosperity; may you be well in body and mind; may you enjoy longevity and bliss, be free from diseases, karmic obscurations and afflictions. In successive lifetimes, may you be born in the realms of heaven and humankind with a dignified appearance, amidst wealth and prosperity and abundant food and clothing. In every life, may you encounter the Triple Gem and receive blessings and guidance from excellent teachers, with a life of leisure and opportunity possessing all internal and external conditions to learn and cultivate according to the teachings of the Buddha, to quickly achieve the state of Buddhahood.

💫 Offering Method
☘️ Each offering of $3,000 includes one name for blessing (Individual / Company / Name & Family) and is valid for a period of one year
☘️ While slots run out
☘️ Offering closing date : 31/05/2024, Friday 9pm

📞 Enquiries welcome:
- Customer Service: 6547 1580
- Iris Koh: 9003 9261
- Freddrick Lee: 9450 4185

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