EVO - Make Offerings To Yellow Dzambala With: Exquisite Lotus Throne; Steel-Crafted Altar; Exquisite Incense Burner; And Clear Protective Cover


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💫 Introduction:
The Yellow Dzambala, having perfected the cultivation of the 5 paths and 10 grounds, has achieved the virtues of enlightened beings. Manifesting in the form of God of Wealth, exuding a resplendent golden hue, he is thus known as the Yellow Dzambala.

The Yellow Dzambala appears compassionate with a benevolent gaze. Wearing a Buddha’s crown, he is the chief of all wealth deities.

The Yellow Dzambala, due to his compassion for impoverished beings, provides blessings and protection to beings to enhance interpersonal relationships, wealth, longevity, merits, virtues and wisdom.

The Yellow Dzambala carries a mongoose in his left hand. To dispel the economic hardships of sentient beings, the mongoose spews myriad treasures from its mouth to grant beings liberation from poverty and swift achievement of abundant wealth.

The merits of the Yellow Dzambala practice is unparalleled. By cultivating wholeheartedly in accordance with the practice, the practitioner will receive blessings and protection, eliminate troubles in life, attain prosperity in wealth and family, growth in merits, virtues and wisdom, as well as longevity.

If the practitioner develops the spirit of enlightenment and joyously perseveres in his cultivation, he will achieve both mundane and supramundane – exceptionally extraordinary karmic fruitions.

💫 What kind of virtues do donors create:
The donors will obtain tremendous merits through contributing to the monastery in the propagate of the Dharma to benefit all beings.
Make Offerings to Yellow Dzambala with:
exquisite lotus throne; steel-crafted altar; exquisite incense burner; and clear protective cover.

💫 Merits accumulated:
It is mentioned in the scripture that one will never be reborn in the lower realms; instead, take birth in the three virtuous paths in successive lives, at the same time possessing influential power, either within noble lineages or royal households;
Have dignified appearance, with a long and healthy life, as well as sharp hearing and clear vision;
Enjoy a sterling reputation that spreads in 10 directions, and possess immeasurable wealth along with abundant food and clothing;
Be surrounded by numerous attendants and family members, and become a source of reliance for others, eventually swiftly attaining Buddhahood.

💫 All donations to the Monastery in this category will be acknowledged in the following ways:
☘️ Name engraving on the Yellow Dzambala’s altar.
☘️ Yellow Dzambala Purification puja, 
☘️ Qingming-and-Repentance Ritual of Emperor Liang Grand Puja, 
☘️ Year-end Great Compassion Repentance puja, merits dedication : May your family enjoy peace and prosperity, be well in body and mind, enjoy longevity and bliss, be free from diseases, karmic obscurations and afflictions. In successive lifetimes, be born in the happy realms with dignified appearance, amidst wealth and prosperity, and abundant food and clothing. In every life, encounter the Triple Gem and receive blessings and guidance from excellent teachers, with a life of leisure and opportunity possessing all internal and external conditions to learn and cultivate according to the Buddha’s teachings, and quickly achieve the state of Buddhahood.

💎 Offering Types:
☘️ Grand Donor of Universal Merit: $10,000 (One Individual or Company or Family Name to be engraved plus 8 other individual names to be acknowledged at the Puja.)
☘️ Excellent Donor of Fulfilled Perfection: $5,000 (One Individual or Company or Family Name to be engraved plus 5 other individual names to be acknowledged at the Puja.)
☘️ Donor of Prosperity & Prestige: $3,000 (One Individual or Company or Family Name to be engraved plus 3 other individual names to be acknowledged at the Puja)
☘️ Donor of Myriad Auspiciousness: $1,000 (One Individual or Company or Family Name to be engraved plus 1 other individual names to be acknowledged at the Puja)
☘️ Donor of Joyous Merits: $100 (No inscription of names for donors of the Joyous offering of $100, can put 2 dedication names)

📞 Enquiries welcome:
- Customer Service: 6547 1580
- Iris Koh: 9003 9261
- Freddrick Lee: 9450 4185


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