DBC - Compassion Obstacles Clearing for Longevity Gift Pack


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Avalokitesvara Mantra Rotating Lamp + Dana for Sangha and the masses + One Name &Family 

☘️ Donor’s merits: merits accumulated from supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings will be dedicated to sponsors.

☘️ Monastery will acknowledge donations by:
🪔 Offering of Avalokiteshvara mantra rotating lamp: the merits of Avalokiteshvara mantra is unimaginable. One round of rotation is equivalent to actual recitation. One who upholds the mantra will be one that is full of virtues, attains meditative stability, honourable reputation, wealth and prosperity, power and influence, and courage.
🪔 Offer a 36-hour full butter lamp: offer light for brilliant and perfect wisdom and fullness of lamp represents supplicating for full wisdom life after life and omniscience.
🪔 Inscription Tablet for Family Blessings for dedication.
🪔 Merits accumulated from Great Repentance Puja will be dedicated to the ones seeking blessings for: avert calamities for longevity, healthy body and mind, successful career, increasing wealth and prosperity, honourable reputation, for all matters to be auspicious, increase bliss and wisdom, meeting the Triple Gem every lifetime, aspire for spirit of enlightenment and attain Buddhahood.

★ Limited quantity
★ Note: As a safety measure, all candles offered will be placed on the altar at the back of the monastery.


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