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What is Dana Offering?

I. Dana means generously giving meals to Sanga with faith and respect. Offering refers to providing charitable meals to devotees and the public. Though only one meal is offered, one can earn vast merit.  

II. Five karmic results attained from Dana Offering: 

 Gracious, charming and respectful appearance, admired and well-liked by peers. 
 Excellent and unrivalled strength to support and fulfil a layperson's duties. 
 Longevity, healthy, rebirth in a good destination, in the heavenly worlds. 
☘️ O
btain great wealth and timely fulfillment of needs, gains security from dangers such as nature disasters, thieves, kings, and unloved heirs. 
With pure and wondrous voice, all listeners would easily comprehend, believe and put into practice.

III. Vegetarianism as a way of protecting life:

Holding a compassionate heart, refraining from killing and protecting life, vegetarianism is virtuous deeds of enhancing the noble qualities of generosity and joyful giving. 

🔶 Please submit the name and dates by 9pm. Three (3) Days In Advance as we need the lead time to make preparation(e.g if you are submitting the online donation on the 1st before 9pm, the earliest Dana Offering date is on the 4th).

🔶 If your Dana Offering date falls short of the 3 Days lead time, we will make the necessary adjustment on our end to have it on the earliest next available Dana Offering Date. We seek your understanding and apologised for inconvenience caused.

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