CJ - Package for the Departed - Meals offering to Sangha with Sutra Recitation & Repentance (Merits dedication for 49 days for the departed)


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It is mentioned in the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva sutra that, if family members help one who is dying to accumulate merits to support his transition into his next phase of life by hanging banners, umbrella, light offering, sutra recitation, offering of Buddha statues, reciting of Bodhisattva mantras… As family members who help the departing one to cultivate the above, negative karmic deeds can be eliminated. If virtuous deeds can be performed during the 49 days after departing, the deceased will not be reborn in miserable realms but in the heavenly to enjoy excellent joy, where family members can also receive limitless benefits.  

☘️ Donor's merits: Dedication of the merits to the departed from the donors’ offerings to support the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings.

☘️ Monastery will: dedicate the merits accumulated from 10 great virtues to the departed for 49 days, 
With Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva altar set up for offering with items. 
🪔 Inscribe departed names for placement before the Buddha, where all prayers will be arranged for the departed for the 49 days, which include, vast offering before the Buddha, smoke offerings to all beings, the specific month main puja, and dedication of merits from sutra recitation. 
🪔 Continuous 49 days of lighting one lamp for the departed to seek guidance from Buddha during the transition.  
🪔 Offer one Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva statue on behalf of departed, with name inscribed and for merits from offering to be dedicated towards happy rebirth.  
🪔 Offering of auspicious items such as banners, gems, jade flowers on behalf of the departed. 
🪔 Offering to the Sangha and masses: the merits and virtues from offering to the Sangha and masses on behalf of the departed are great and will be dedicated to the departed. 
🪔 Smoke offering: Weekly, Sangha will lead the masses to make offerings of smoke and medicine pouches, reciting departed names for the happy rebirth. 
🪔 Sangha and laities will dedicate the merits from Great Compassion Repentance Puja recitation to the departed.
🪔 All merits accumulated from the above will be dedicated to departed, including blessings from altar set up and offering of Buddha statues, meals offering to Sangha, offerings of banners, gems, flowers, blessings from Sangha and laities' sutra recitation and repentance, to supplicate for the departed to receive protection and guidance by the Triple Gem, for all karmic obscurations to be eliminated, receiving Buddha's brilliant guidance, be reborn in Pure Land of high status Lotus seat, with aspiration of spirit of enlightenment to attain Buddhahood.

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