Brilliance 2019

Let’s welcome the Lunar New Year through paying respect to all Buddhas, repent past no virtuous deeds, and make offerings to the Triple Gem for bliss and wisdom.

BW Monastery has specially prepared this Puja Section to welcome the New Year with you; to supplicate for obscurations and sickness to be eliminated, and for the increase in bliss and wisdom.

Date : From 4-Feb-2019 to 19-Feb-2019
Programs :
* 4-Feb Cross Over Night Event, 8pm to 1am
* 5-Feb & 6-Feb Brilliance, 9am to 5pm
* 9-Feb & 10-Feb Fortune Blessing Prayers, 8am to 8.30pm
* 16-Feb Offering to The Heavenly Diety & Fortune Blessing Prayers, 9am to 8.30pm
* 17-Feb Fortune Blessing Prayers, Fortune Blessing Prayers, 8am to 8.30pm
* 19-Feb Fortune Blessing Prayers & Lantern Festival, 2pm to 9pm

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** Closing Date for Online Donation : 01-Feb-2019 (Friday), 12.00pm