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Subscribe to the Annual Inscription for Averting Calamities and dedicate the merits towards your parents, children, and loved ones for them to be blessed with the compassionate illumination of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, for calamities to be averted, be free from negative conditions and for smooth conditions to arise, and for them to be blessed with auspiciousness and all wishes to be fulfilled. 

🪔 Monastery will make light offerings for sponsors and dedicate merits accordingly. 
🪔 Names of those seeking blessings will be inscribed on the exquisitely made inscription card. 
🪔 Offer a little yet with huge returns: for $120 annual offering, it is 30 cents offering daily with limitless increase of blessings and virtues. 
🪔 If annual offering is made for family members and loved ones, the blessings sought are limitless. Can make offering of one name (living) or, one name and family.

★ Donors are advised to state your mailing address clearly for renewal notice to reach you directly.

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