GMD - Annual Blessing Lights (Lxxxx)


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Benefits of making annual blessing lights: 

Offer light to the Buddha daily for 365 days continuously, leading one to increase their blessings, virtues and wisdom immeasurably.  
🪔 Offer a little yet with huge returns: for $120 annual offering, it is 30 cents offering daily with limitless increase of blessings and virtues. 
🪔 If one offers on behalf of family members, the blessings will be relished by the entire family. Can make offering of one name (living) or, one name and family. 
🪔 For every future life, one will be born with clear vision, healthy limbs, stable life, clean and beautiful living environment, intelligent with wisdom, and understand the teachings of the mundane and supra-mundane world easily. If one makes great aspiration, one will obtain the 7 types of wisdom, namely: vast, lucid, swift, profound, skillful speech, expounding, and eloquence in debate.

★ Donors are advised to state your mailing address clearly for renewal notice to reach you directly.


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