GF - Annual Lantern Offering series - Offer 24 Blessing Petals Lotus Lamp daily in the 10 directions (Limited quantity)


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A. Offer lantern in the 4 corners of the Grand Shrine Hall. 7-colour lantern:
🧧 For a dollar daily, offer to the Buddha for 365 days. 
🧧 The modern looking lotus lamp comes with 24 petals accompanied by the word ‘Bliss’ on it. Adorned with ornaments, it looks exquisite and magnificent. The lanterns would be hung around the grand shrine to be offered to all the Buddhas in the 10 directions. One accumulates boundless merits constantly with the light offering to the Buddhas. 
🧧 One’s family will have peace, safety and smooth conditions through the offering of the auspicious lantern. 
🧧 Daily Light-up time: 6am to 11pm

As stated in the Tune of Brahma Sutra Clarifying Karma: 
🪔 Illuminating the world: Just like light that brightens up everything, all matters in the mundane world would be clearly understood with wisdom. 
🪔 Wherever birth takes place, one’s pair of eyes would be perfect: bright-eye and clear vision can be attained life after life. 
🪔 Attain a pair of divine eyes:  ability to know and understand birth and death, effects of virtues and non-virtues. 
🪔 Intelligence to discern between virtuous and non-virtuous: ability to decipher between fine and coarse virtues and non-virtues. 
🪔 Eliminate great darkness: able to eliminate the darkness of ignorance, be free from the sufferings of ignorance. 
🪔 Attain wisdom of brightness and superior intelligence: attain the ability to make clear decisions, equip with great wisdom. 
🪔 Not be reborn or stay in dark places: will not be reborn in places without light. 
🪔 equip with great blessings: having mundane world merits in every successive lifetime. 
🪔 Reborn in heavenly realm: free from rebirth in the 3 miserable realms and be reborn in heavens. 
🪔 Swiftly attain Buddhahood.

C. All donation, monastery will acknowledge by : 
Donor’s names will be written as inscription and hung below the lantern. 
☘️ Annual Inscription for Averting Calamities for One Year (Single Name).
☘️ Merits accumulated from Great Compassion Repentance Puja and vast offering to the Buddha will be dedicated to donors to seek blessings and eliminate calamities: Safety, peace and auspiciousness for the family, healthy body and mind, longevity with increased bliss, elimination of sickness and karmic obscurations, and afflictions, Rebirth in happy realms, prosperity and wealth, abundance of clothes and food, dignified appearance delighting everyone upon sight, meeting the Triple Gem directly every lifetime, increase in bliss and wisdom, to swiftly attain Buddhahood. 

D. Offering period:
 Offering starts from Year 2024 January
⭐ Upon registration, the offering will commence at the beginning of the following month, for a continuous period of 12 months, for 365 days.

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