May 2024 Thousand Buddhas Repentance Puja In Auspicious Eons & The Great Compassion Repentance Puja

Prostrating to one Buddha can eradicate numerous non virtues. Through the prostration and repentance to the thousand Buddhas, one can rapidly accumulate boundless merit, counteract the obstacles and negative karma in the cycle of birth and death, and gain vast meritorious benefits.

BW Monastery is specially arranging for the Thousand Buddhas Repentance Puja to be held on 11/07/2022, to provide everyone the opportunity to prostrate to the 1000 Buddhas in this eon. Through the repentance Puja, one can eliminate all the non-virtuous karma accumulated in the past year. 

Sincerely inviting all Buddha’s disciples to visit the monastery and partake in the Repentance to the Thousand Buddhas Puja in togetherness. Online prayers are also available. 🙏 Please click here to register for prostrate prayer session

🔸Event Date : 11/07/2022, Monday
🔸Event Time : 9am to 5pm
🔸Offering Online Closing Date : 08/07/2022, Friday 9pm