Ullambana - Supplication of Protection and Blessing for Family + 3 Light Offerings for 7 Days


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 💫 Donor’s merits: merits accumulated from supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings will be dedicated to the family. 

Monastery will acknowledge donations by:
 Offering of 3 lamps on behalf of the family for 7 days continuously, and dedicate the merits for everyone in the family to attain great wisdom and Buddhahood swiftly.
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etting up inscription for the family to avert calamities for longevity, smooth conditions, peace and safety and increased bliss.  
ast offerings to the Buddhas on behalf of the family.
Recitation of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva sutra for the family to have increased bliss and longevity, and purification. 
Merits accumulated from recitation of Ullambana sutra, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva sutra, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Repentance, offerings to Buddha and Sangha, and all rituals from seeking blessings to the family to: eliminate all karmic obstacles and obscurations, calamities for longevity, healthy body and mind, successful career, increasing wealth, prosperity and honour, all matters auspicious with increasing bliss and wisdom, meeting the Triple Gem life after life, develop spirit of enlightenment to attain Buddhahood.


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