EVO - Offering Wisdom & Compassion Twin Pagodas


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A. Introduction: The twin pagodas will be sited at both sides of our main gate at entrance of BWM.

B. Merits of Pagoda:
The pagoda means a gathering place of high merits and virtue. It represents the Buddha's dharmakaya. Seeing the pagoda is like seeing the Buddha.
According to literature on Buddhist precepts, reverently building and honoring pagodas respectfully has immeasurably more merit than giving hundreds and thousands of quintals of gold.
The pagoda is extremely powerful, and the octagonal pagoda is 3-meters, 7 storey high carved from Indian red stone which is very solemn. The source of vast merits and blessings which can benefit boundless suffering beings and enable them to realize the Bodhisattva path of complete happiness.

In the Sutra of Parables, Buddha says that there are 10 benefits of pagoda building:
🔸 not be reborn in a border region
🔸  free from poverty
🔸  having complete sensory faculties and not have wrong views
🔸  to live a long life
🔸  can be king of a great country
🔸 have a strong physique & strength
🔸  to be granted vast blessings
🔸 have the blessings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
🔸 have the three understandings, six faculties, and eight liberations
🔸 be reborn in the ten pure lands

Whether one builds or encourages others to build pagodas, it will bring great virtues to self and others, and will lead to fulfillment of one's own spiritual path. Please join us in this auspicious offering!

C. All donation, monastery will acknowledge by:
★ The pagodas will be inaugurated in a ceremony: All donors will be invited to the pagoda inauguration ceremony and unveil the pagoda in person.
★ Name engraving: The name of all donors (except merit donors) will be permanently engraved on ONE of the pagoda.
BWM will write the names of all donors in a record book called “Offering Wisdom and Compassion Twin Pagodas”.
★ Dedications for all donors at year-end Great Compassion puja:
That the family will have peace and prosperity, physical and mental well-being, a long life with the elimination of diseases, karma and troubles. In the next life, you will be born in a happy realm with a dignified appearance, wealth and prosperity, and abundant food and clothing. For many future lives, you will meet the Triple Gems, be accepted by Teachers and Gurus, and practice the Dharma with all the internal and external blessings, so that you can quickly become a Buddha.

D. Offering amount (Permanently name engraved for $5k and above) :
A $5,000
B $10,000
C $20,000
D $30,000
E $50,000
F $100 - merits donor’s name will be recorded in an offering record book for a year

 One (1) Name for each offering (One Name / One Name &Family / Company Name)
 For enquiry, please contact Ms Koh @ 90039261 or Mr Freddrick Lee @ 94504185  


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