DBC - Meritorious Fragrant Florals & Excellent Robe Treasure


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☘️ Donor’s merits: merits accumulated from supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings will be dedicated to the entire family of those seeking blessings.   

☘️ Introduction : 
June Great Compassion Repentance Puja, the monastery has specially prepared the Meritorious Fragrant Florals & Excellent Robe Treasure for auspicious offering (to the Sangha - $108 )
As stated in the Tune of Brahma Sutra Clarifying Karma, there are 12 benefits of offering robes, where one will attain dignified and illuminating appearance, achieve great ease, be well-liked and respected by others. By offering flowers before the Buddha, it also reminds others to plant the seed to attain Buddhahood, benefitting others with virtuous deeds, self-purification for elevation, have confession and repentance, make great aspiration for joyous perseverance. With such auspicious merit fields, you are warmly invited to make offering piously. 

☘️ Monastery will acknowledge donations by:
🪔 Merits accumulated from The Great Compassion Repentance Puja will be dedicated to the ones seeking blessings for: avert calamities for longevity, healthy body and mind, successful career, increasing wealth and prosperity, honorable reputation, for all matters to be auspicious, increase bliss and wisdom, meeting the Triple Gem every lifetime, aspire for spirit of enlightenment and attain Buddhahood.


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