DBC - Daily Dana Offering 04/08/2024 (The Great Compassion Repentance Puja)


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300 Attendees at Great Compassion Repentance Puja

🌻 Reciting the Great Repentance sutra by the Sangha and the laities:
On this day, there will be 300 Sangha members and laities revering and reciting the Great Compassion Repentance practice. By prostrating to one Buddha, one will have limitless blessings. By reciting one Buddha’s name, limitless non-virtues will be eliminated.  Due to the great compassion of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, manifested with thousand arms and eyes, he would respond to pleas of all beings, protecting and helping them.

🌻 Merits from offering meals to Sangha and public:
☘️ Sponsor names will be displayed at dining area for during the Puja day to allow others to rejoice, supplicate for blessings and make dedications: supplicate for all karmic and sickness obstacles to be eliminated, increase of bliss and wisdom, family to be well, happy, healthy, blissful and harmonious. 
☘️ Merits will be dedicated to sponsors for: eliminate calamities for longevity, healthy body and mind, successful career, increasing wealth, prosperity and honour, all matters auspicious with increasing bliss and wisdom, meeting the Triple Gem life after life, develop spirit of enlightenment to attain Buddhahood. 
☘️ Precepts Master Dao Xuan from the Tang Dynasty upheld the ethical disciplines with extreme conscientious-ness and care such that it resulted in heavenly being offering meals to him. One day, Precepts Master asked the heavenly being, “which virtuous deed is the greatest, if one asked?” The heavenly being respectfully replied, “offering meals to the Sangha has the greatest merits!”
☘️ Effects of sponsors who make offerings to the Sangha and visitors to the monastery: Dignified appearance that delights everyone upon sight, energetic and tireless, reborn in human and heavens realms with longevity and good health, pleasant vocals, and able to enjoy peace for all matters and wishes fulfilled. By offering sumptuous food to the Sangha this lifetime, one will reap the effects of having limitless Dharma nourishment in future lives. 


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