BD - BWM Birthday Blessing


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Celebrate your birthday with your love one in BW Monastery :

Offering of Bodhisattva Statue,
Lights Offering,
Grand Offering, 
Name Inscription for Blessings at the 88 Buddha Repentance Puja,
Food Offering to Sangha and Public,
Petitioning the Buddha with incense offering by the birthday celebrant,
⭐ Supreme Merit Dedication

BW Monastery reserves the rights to re-schedule Birthday Puja to subsequent session, in the event of any major Dharma assembly that needs to take place. Thank you for your understanding and  we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Puja Date : 3rd Sunday of the Month
 Puja Timing : 10.30am to 12pm
★ To prepare for the birthday packages, the deadline to receive orders will be 3 days before the puja date, Thursday 9pm. As such, please make your bookings in advance.


1. If we are unable to make it for the Birthday Blessing session, what will happen to my offering items?
Answer : Blessing session will be carried out, and the offering items, we will do the offering on behalf of you if you cannot make it for the session.

2. What about the offering items that we are supposed to bring home?
Answer : Please arrange to collect these items from our counter service counter within a week if possible. If there are perishable item like fruits, we will remove it if is not collected in time. 


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