zCNY - Gold-Adorned Tree

For a new outlook in the new year, let's all pay reverence to all Buddhas on the eve of CNY, confess all past non-virtuous karma, and offer to the Triple Gem to welcome the new year. 

BWM is specially organizing this 88 Buddhas Repentance Practice and you are invited to join in the grand offering of Gold-Adorned Tree, which can be collected to spruce up the joyous festive mood at home, filling happiness everywhere. 

After the Puja, please present a receipt at the monastery counter for collection, and for an abundant year.

* Offering on 11/02/2021 (CNY Eve) - 10.30 pm ~12.30 am
* Collection period from 15/02/2021 - 20/02/2021
* While stock last
* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only
* BW Monastery reserves the final right to make changes to the dedication names if they are not written according to the proposed format.
* Offering Closing Date : 08/02/2021, Monday 9pm

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