YS - Offer 5-Colour Longevity Banners + Blessings Lamp (Single Name)

A) Benefits of offering Longevity Banner: 

In the Sutra of Medicine Buddha, it is stated that if any family member or friend helps the unwell to take refuge in the Medicine Buddha, invite the Sangha to recite the Sutra, and offer 7 lights and the 5-color banner, the unwell will regain health.Longevity banner is named as such as it is for seeking blessings and longevity, and eliminate sickness. 

B) Ways to offer:
🧧 Offer banner: the monastery specially made the exquisite large longevity banner which is 6-metre long and comprises of 5 colours. Names of the unwell and those seeking blessings will be inscribed and placed on the banner, to seek Medicine Buddha’s blessings and guidance, supplicating for increased bliss, longevity, avert calamities for peace and safety.
🧧 Offer light: on puja completion day, offer a Blessing Lamp for the unwell or those seeking blessings to all matters to be perfect and complete.

C) What kind of virtues do donors create:
Dedication to sponsors or those who seek blessings for calamities to be averted, to have good health and increased blessings, for supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings.

🪔 Offer the Longevity banner before Medicine Buddha with one name for those seeking blessings to be inscribed and placed on the banner. 
🪔 Dedication of merits from 5 November 2023 Great Compassion Repentance Puja. 
Dedication of merits from 6 continuous nights of recitation of Medicine Buddha sutra. 
Dedication of merits from vast offerings to the Buddhas. 
🪔 Sangha will venerate 1000 scrolls of Medicine Buddha repentance sutra to seek blessings and repentance. 
🪔 Merits accumulated from the series Medicine Buddha Obstacle-Clearing for Blessings, Longevity Puja will be dedicated for: help all sentient beings of the 6 realms to seek repentance with a mind of refuge and Bodhicitta, eliminate enmities, make aspirations and dedications, equipping with full conditions of the 4 Powers of Confession, for all karmic obstacles, sickness, and non-human obstacles, etc., to be eliminated, smooth conditions to increase, obstacles for learning the Dharma be eliminated, immediate increase of bliss and virtues in current lifetime, abundant clothing, food and resources in future lives, receiving the protection and guidance of Triple Gem life after life.


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