YS - Main Compassion Sponsor (Medicine Buddha Puja)

Main benefits of Compassion Sponsor:  

As a main sponsor for the repentance puja, one will receive dedication of merits of up to 100 hundred thousand times from the entire puja.  
☘️ Venerables will light 20 Longevity lamps for the main sponsor till the completion of the puja. 
☘️ Venerables will set up magnificent Inscriptions for the main sponsor and 9 family members on the altar.  
☘️ For every session, the main sponsor can follow the presiding monk to offer incense. 
☘️ Venerables will display the offering items to help multiply the merits and virtues of the main sponsor. 
☘️ Dedication of merits from 5 November 2023 Great Compassion Repentance Puja. 
Dedication of merits from 6 continuous nights of recitation of Medicine Buddha sutra. 
Dedication of merits from vast offerings to the Buddhas. 
Sangha will venerate 1000 scrolls of Medicine Buddha repentance sutra to seek blessings and repentance. 
Grand dedication on Puja completion day: Presiding monk will recite main sponsor's name for dedication towards: for main sponsor to have increasing blessings and longevity, healthy and joyful body and mind, family to have peace and safety, receiving guidance from the Triple Gem, equip with smooth conditions to learn the perfect teachings, perfecting various merits, limitless wealth and joy life after life, increasing wisdom and virtues, and to attain Buddhahood. 


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