PS - Recitation of Prajnaparamita Sutra Puja - Inscription for Departed + 5 Guidance to Pureland Lights

1) Programme:
BW Monastery Sangha monks or nuns would lead in the recitation of Prajnaparamita sutra and dedicate the merits towards seeking blessings for the world, to be free from troubles, afflictions, calamities, attaining of wisdom and joyful mind, of which the merits are boundless.

⭐ Puja Date : Saturday, 2 pm - 3pm. You can select one or more days to accumulate merits for departed.
 Repentance of Prajnaparamita : 4th Saturday of each Month, 10am-12pm
⭐ Online Closing Date : Thursday 2 pm ( For the following Saturday)

2) Merits of donors:
☘️ Donors can bring family members to monastery for sutra recitation, repentance practice, and merits dedication.
☘️ Vast blessings and merits accumulated through donors’ donations and offerings to monastery are dedicated to departed.

3) Services provided by monastery:
🪔 Dedication of merits led by Venerables from recitation of Prajnaparamita.
🪔 On the 4th Saturday of each month, Venerables will lead the Repentance of Prajnaparamita and dedicate the merits for departed to be guided by the brilliance of Buddhas and reborn in Pure Land.
🪔 Display of Pure Land inscription for departed.
🪔 Five lamps will be lighted for guiding departed towards western pure land.

★ BW Monastery reserves the final right to make changes to the dedication names if they are not written according to the proposed format. 

★ A Departed Name is required for this offering, therefore “Lineage Ancestors”, "Unborn Babies" or "Karmic Debtors" are excluded in this puja.


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