MT - Light Tower offering for your Departed Loved Ones

A. Donor’s merits: merits accumulated from supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings will be dedicated to the departed. 

B. Monastery will acknowledge donations by:
🪔 Offer Lamps for 4 days consecutively to Buddha for ancestors, and dedicate the merits for ancestors, etc. to attain great wisdom. 
🪔 Monastery will set up individual Lotus inscriptions for ancestors for repaying kindness before the Buddha, where 1 ancestor name, and 4 departed names can be written to supplicate for Buddha’s blessings. 
🪔 O
ffering of meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner  on behalf of ancestors for 4 days consecutively. 
🪔 Dedication of merits from 21 Dec Evening Amitabha Buddha Sutra.
🪔 Dedication of merits from 22 & 23 Dec Amitabha Buddha Repentance.
🪔 Dedication of merits from 23 Dec Maha-Prajnaparamita Repentance.
🪔 Dedication of merits from 24 Dec "Three Times Observance" Grand Puja for the departed and living.
🪔 Dedication of merits to all beings from 24 Dec food offering to all beings.
Merits accumulated from Puja will be dedicated to the departed for all karmic obstacles to be eliminated, free from sufferings, swiftly receive the compassion,  care and guidance of Amitabha Buddha, be reborn in Pure Land, learning the perfect teachings and attain Buddhahood.

* Each tablet should only have names of the departed from the same family. Please use Separate Tablet for Paternal and Maternal Family.

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