MT - Inscription for Company’s Success & Prosperity (The Fundamentals to Success)

A. What kind of virtues do donors create: 
Dedication of merits to the owner(s) and employees of the company for supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings. 

B. Monastery will acknowledge all donations by: 
🪔 Setting up inscriptions for those seeking blessings and for company before the Buddha for his brilliance of blessings. 
🪔 Dedication of merits from 21 Dec Evening Amitabha Buddha Sutra.
🪔 Dedication of merits from 22 & 23 Dec Amitabha Buddha Repentance.
🪔 Dedication of merits from 23 Dec Maha-Prajnaparamita Repentance.
🪔 Dedication of merits from 24 Dec "Three Times Observance" Grand Puja for the departed and living.

🪔 Dedication of merits from the series of pujas to those seeking blessings: help all sentient beings of the 6 realms to seek repentance with a mind of refuge and Bodhicitta, eliminate enmities, make aspirations and dedications, equipping with full conditions of the 4 Powers of Confession, for all karmic obstacles, sickness, and non-human obstacles, etc., to be eliminated, smooth conditions to increase, obstacles for learning the Dharma be eliminated, immediate increase of bliss and virtues in current lifetime, abundant clothings, food and resources in future lives, receiving the protection and guidance of Triple Gem life after life.