GF - Obstacles-clearing & Blessings Wisdom Lantern (Limited quantity)

As mentioned in the sutra, there are 10 benefits:  

Illuminating the world like the light: Illuminating all corners, one’s wisdom will see clearly and understand thoroughly of the mundane world 
☘️ Wherever one is born, the eyes and vision will not degenerate: having bright and excellent eyes and vision life after life  
☘️ Attain divine vision: have clairvoyance, abilities to see the effects of birth, death, virtues and non-virtues 
☘️ Intellectual abilities of discerning virtues and non-virtues: capable and meticulous in discerning between virtues and non-virtues 
☘️ Eliminating great darkness: able to eliminate the darkness of ignorance, free from sufferings of ignorance  
☘️ Attain brilliant intellect: equip  with the abilities for clear decision making, and great wisdom 
☘️Not be reborn in dark places without light 
☘️Have great blessings: having mundane world great bliss life after life  
☘️Reborn in heavens realm, avoiding sufferings of 3 miserable realms 
☘️Swift attainment of Buddhahood

B. Merits of Sponsors: merits accumulated from supporting the monastery to propagate the Dharma to benefit all beings, will be dedicated for sponsors’ bliss and wisdom. 

C. Merits of offering light:  
Exquisite lantern with various colour brilliance will be hung within the grand shrine hall, offering to the Buddhas day and night, attaining rebirths with limitless virtues.  
🪔 Sponsor names will be displayed with the lantern from the 1st day of each month till the last day of the following month eg: (01/06/2023 to 31/07/2023) 
🪔 During The Monthly Great Compassion Repentance Puja, the merits will be dedicated to sponsors before the Buddha for blessings, to avert calamities, and to seek: Safety, peace and auspiciousness for the family, healthy body and mind, longevity with increased bliss, elimination of sickness and karmic obscurations, and afflictions, Rebirth in happy realms, prosperity and wealth, abundance of clothes and food, dignified appearance delighting everyone upon sight, meeting the Triple Gem every lifetime, increase bliss and wisdom, and attain Buddhahood swiftly.

★ Offering Closing Date :To prepare for the displayed name for the lanterns, the deadline to receive orders will be 2 days before the 1st of Every month, 2pm. As such, please make your bookings in advance. 


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