FD - Father's Day + Mother's Repay Gratitude Package

If you have missed Mother's Day, you can also write your mother's name and thank you together

The Buddha extremely valued repaying the great kindness of our parents, and He mentioned about his past lives’ actions of repaying kindness in the causal ground in the Great Skilful Means Sutra on the Buddha’s Repayment of Kindness: for all our parents, cultivate penance, giving up all we have despite difficulties; head, eyes, marrow, brain, country, wife and children, elephant, horse, 7 Dharma treasures, carriages, clothes, food, beddings, medicine, anything and everything. Diligently cultivate joyous perseverance, ethical discipline, generosity, listening to teachings, meditative stability, wisdom, and equipping with the abilities to learn and practice all teachings tirelessly, with no mental fatigue. Knowing to repay the kindness of parents, to attain enlightenment swiftly.

“Dear dad/mum, (Words of gratitude) Sincerely, (Your name)”
Examples of gratitude words:
a. Grateful to you for having me, bringing me up, teaching me…
b. You took care of me when I was ill, encouraged me when I was down, forgiving me in every way, accompanying me as I grow…
c. Because of you, I am who I am today…
d. Paying tribute to your selfless and unconditional love…
e. May Triple Gem bless you with a healthy body and mind, and longevity.
The monastery will include your words of gratitude into a book of gratitude expression, offering it before the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, and seek their blessings for our fathers/mothers to have favourable conditions day and night, healthy body and mind, receiving the Triple Gem and Teachers’ care and protection life after life, have a human life of leisure and opportunity, learn the perfect teachings and attain Buddhahood swiftly to benefit all beings.

Dedicate 5 great merits to fathers/mothers with the following:

a) Designing and making Gratitude inscriptions with treasure carriage, to be offered at the altar for blessings for donors’ fathers/mothers, and dedicating merits for purification during vast offering, supplicating for fathers/mothers according to the Array of Stalks Sutra:

May the virtuous roots support you on the non-retrograding Mahayana path, attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi tree;

May you ride the wisdom Mahayana path, and learn all the teachings on the Bodhisattva path in the limitless eon;

May you walk all paths, have no partisanships, abandon delusions, equip to cultivate all omniscience;

May you walk the path that is free from defilements and attaining still thoughts, have unimpeded supernatural powers in all Buddha fields;

May you walk the purification path of the Bodhisattvas, be reborn among the ten levels of Bodhisattva, joyfully cultivating all Samadhi of the Bodhisattvas;

May you ride the four wheels and perfect all Bodhisattvas’ purified practice;

May you walk the Buddha vehicle, and reach the shore of attaining all Dharmas;

May you walk the path of unimaginable virtuous roots, to manifest the stable path for beings in the 10 directions;

May you walk the path of Dharma King, accomplishing fearless generosity and omniscience;

May you walk the path of omniscience, perfecting Bodhisattvas’ great aspirations, ever tireless. 

b) Meal offerings to Sangha and public: Offering meals to Sangha and public will reap the effects of abundance of clothes and food, prosperous life, good health and longevity, gathering virtuous connections.
c) Inscription: inscribing of name to seek Buddha’s eternal blessings and care, avert calamities, increase blessing, longevity and auspiciousness.
d) On 18 June, please invite your father/mother to the monastery and personally offer the flowers to the Buddha: for dignified and beautiful appearance life after life.

Personally offering lamp: achieve intelligence and wisdom life after life.

Personally offering gems: receiving limitless fortune and wealth life after life.

Personally offering food: will result in having delicious cuisine life after life.

Participate in vast offering: The Buddha is the great merit field of the human and heavens reals, and by making offerings to the Buddha, the blessings and merits are boundless.

Offering of incense before the Buddha: through offering incense sincerely to the Buddha, one will have a purified and fragrant body, upholding precepts purely. 

e) Dedication: Presiding Sangha will recite fathers’/mothers' name before the Triple Gem for dedication, in order for virtues, bliss and wisdom to increase limitlessly.

♦️ Blessings Supplication Date:18/06/2022, Sunday 
♦️ Timing : 10.30am to 12.30pm
♦️ Father’s Day Repay Gratitude Package registration closing date: 16/06/2023, Friday  2pm. Do place order early!