EVO - Wisdom & Compassion Twin Pagoda Foundation Offering

1. Origins: There was a Celestial Emperor whose heavenly palace shook one day.  Using his heavenly eye he observed that it was caused by a farmer overturning some stones buried deep in his field.  One of these, a stone slab was what the Emperor offered as foundation for the Buddha's palace when he was human.  Because of this merit, he was born in the heavenly world, enjoying blessings for many lifetimes.  He hurried down to earth to persuade the farmer not to dig.  As long as this stone is left undisturbed he will continue to enjoy boundless blessings in the heaven. 

Dedications: Merits of this foundation offering be dedicated to a firm foundation in my career & business, flourishing with prosperity, a harmonious family, enjoy bliss and wealth in Heaven and on earth life after life, have a life of leisure and opportunity to learn the dharma with a solid Buddhist foundation and a quick attainment of Buddhahood to benefit all beings.

2. Introduction: Located outside the main shrine. The foundation is made of reinforced concrete, which can bear a stone pagoda of 100,000 kilograms. Many sutras explain that the merits of building and offering a pagoda are inconceivable, such as: being born in a happy realm and not in a miserable one always; born to a rich and powerful family or a king's family, good-looking, intelligent, long-life and healthy; enjoys a good reputation, and wide-spread fame; wealth is immeasurable; widespread connections with friends, family members are numerous, become a pillar whom people can rely on... and can quickly achieve Buddhahood.

3. Benefits of offering the foundation:
Can obtain a strong career, family harmony and happiness;
all things are smooth, stable and auspicious.
The pagodas will be inaugurated in a ceremony: The donor will be invited to participate in the pagoda purification ceremony and unveil the pagoda in person.
Name engraving: The name of the donor will be permanently engraved on both the pagodas to mark the merits.

BWM will create a offering record book for all donors to Wisdom and compassion twin pagoda foundation offering.
At year-end Great Compassion puja, BWM will dedicate merits to donors:
That the family will have peace and prosperity, physical and mental well-being, a long life with the elimination of diseases, karma and troubles. In the next life, you will be born in a happy realm with a dignified appearance, wealth and prosperity, and abundant food and clothing. In the next life, you will meet the Triple Gems, be accepted by Teachers and Gurus, and practice the Dharma with all the internal and external blessings, so that you can quickly become a Buddha.

Offering amount (Permanently name engraved for $5k and above) :
A. $5,000
B. $10,000
C. $100 merits donor’s name will be recorded in an offering record book 

 One (1) Name for each offering (One Name / One Name &Family / Company Name )
Offering Closing Date : 01/12/2023, Friday, 2pm
 For enquiry, please contact Ms Koh @ 90039261 or Mr Freddrick Lee @ 94504185


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