EVO - Master Ri Chang Relic Stupa

1. Origin of Relics
There are many kinds of relics found when our Master Ri Chang passed away which are kept in a pagoda in BW Monastery. Especially precious is the hair left behind by our Master when he was alive. Venerable Jing Yuan kept a portion of it. It is currently enshrined in the silver relic pagoda of our monastery. This silver relic pagoda was given by Teacher Zhenru herself.

2. Benefits of Offering Relics
The "Mahaparinirvana Sutra" says: "If you see the relic of the Tathagata, you are seeing the Buddha." It also says: "The offering of the relic is the treasure of the Buddha, and seeing the Buddha means seeing the dharmakaya." Benefits include:-
1. Be free from the eight kinds of harms
2. Be born in a noble family and have endless wealth for many lives
3. Able to subdue afflictions arising eg. anger and greed
4. Happy to do charitable deeds
5. Have good looks and loved by everyone
6. Life after life be the most powerful and eventually achieve Buddhahood

3. Method to offer
A compiled list of all benefactors will be placed at the relic pagoda, and dedications will be made during the year-end Great Compassion Repentance Puja.

★ Names of donors will be displayed for 2 years ($1000 and above)

★ One (1) Name for each offering (One Name / One Name &Family / Company Name )
★ Offering Closing Date : 05/06/2023, Monday 2pm
★ For enquiry, please contact Ms Koh @ 90039261 or Mr Freddrick Lee @ 94504185  


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