EVO - Golden Bell Offering

Melodious chimes of golden bells swaying in the breeze, resonate across the Dharma realm. Each chime of the bell is an offering of melodious tones to the Buddha, purifying our hearts and sowing seeds to grow our Buddha-nature.

1.  Origin:
During the Buddha’s time, a King passed by Bikkhu Shanhe’s residence with his troops of army, horses and elephants. Upon hearing the Bikkhu’s melodious chanting, even the horses and elephants stopped to listen, unwilling to advance. The King was very surprised and sought the Buddha’s guidance. The Buddha explained that it was due to the Bikkhu’s offering of bells to a pagoda, thus experiencing the fruition of having a clear and elegant voice that is pleasing to the ears for 500 lives.

2.  Introduction:
Golden bells will adorn the pagodas and BW Monastery. When the breeze comes, clear & melodious chimes from the bells will grace monastery grounds, not only enabling us to make offerings of bells to the Buddhas but also bringing ease and tranquility to everyone.

3. Benefits:
From the "Sutra on Distinguishing Good and Evil Karmic Retribution": “If one should offer bells at the stupa of the Tathagata (Buddha), this person accumulates ten kinds of merit. What are these ten? One, dignified appearance. Two, delightful & pleasing tones. Three, a voice as fine & melodious as the Kalaviṅka. Four, soft & gentle speech. Five, bringing joy to those you meet. Six, as erudite as Ananda. Seven, distinguished and at ease. Eight, great fame and reputation that will be widely propagated. Nine, travel across heavenly realms. Ten, parinirvana. These are the excellent merits to be achieved by those who make offerings of bells.”

Offering Types:
A. $3,000 Great Golden Bell of Bliss & Wisdom - Three Names (Individual / Name & Family / Company)
B. $1,000 Golden Bell King - One Name (Individual / Name & Family / Company)
C. $200 Golden Bell - One Name (Individual / Name & Family)

Closing Date: 28/12/2023, Thursday, 2 pm
Each offering lasts for one year
Every donor is invited to join the Bell Puja:
    Date: 30/12/2023, Saturday
    Time: 3.30 - 5 pm (Please report at 2.30 pm to collect your bell)
    Venue: Shrine Hall, BW Monastery

★ If you are unable to attend in person, the bell will be hung on your behalf. We will not be contacting you separately for this purpose and seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Offering Types

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