BWM Birthday Blessings Package


How do you celebrate the birthday of your loved ones every year?
Do you wish to repay your parents’ kindness towards you?
Do you wish to show gratitude to your beloved spouse?
Do you want to help your children accumulate merits?
Give them an extraordinary birthday gift this year- one that will help them gain immeasurable merits!
We hear you and BW Monastery is happy to launch its Birthday Blessing services, specially designed and catered to your needs!

Significance of each Virtuous Act specially curated for the Birthday Blessing Services:

*Food Offering to Sangha and Public: By making food offerings to the Sangha and the Public, your loved one(s) will gain longevity and favour of others!

*Flower Light Offering: By making the offerings to the Three Jewels, your loved one(s) will will attain eternal wisdom, beauty and nobility throughout countless lives through offering lights and flower.

*Grand Offering: In all the heavens and earth, Buddha is the most supreme merit field. By making offering food and other exquisite offering to the Buddha, your loved one(s) will gain unimaginable merits!

*Name Inscription for Blessings: Inscribe the name(s) of your loved one(s) for the blessings of the Buddha. May they be free from calamities and suffering and gain bliss, longevity and peace!

*Incense Offering: Petition the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to grace The 88 Buddha Repentance /The Guan Yin Great Compassion Repentance Puja with the offering of incense by the birthday celebrant.

*108 Lights Offering: The light of wisdom dispels afflictions and karmic obstacles. By making a vast offering of 108 lights, your loved one(s) will gain unimpeded wisdom and everlasting light in his life!

*Supreme Merit Dedication: With the supreme merit dedication, the merits and wisdom accumulated by your loved one(s) during the Birthday Blessing service and Puja will multiply infinitely!

*** Birthday Blessing Services will be held every Sunday 10.45 am  in conjunction with the Grand pujas.

*** To prepare for the birthday packages, the deadline to receive orders will be on Friday noon. As such, please make your bookings in advance.