2024 Auspicious Double Happiness Celebration - Repay Country’s Gratitude Blessings Puja

2024 Auspicious Double Happiness Celebration - Repay Country’s Gratitude Blessings Puja

To celebrate Singapore National Day, BW Monastery will be holding 3-step-1-bow practice on 9 August, to seek blessings for the country and her citizens. 

By prostrating to one Buddha, limitless non-virtues will be eliminated. By reciting one Buddha’s name, one will have limitless blessings. Integrating the body and mind as one, prostrating to the Buddhas reverently with 3-step-1-bow will help one to arise a mind of purity, repent and purify the body and mind, eliminate wrong views, negative karmic deeds, and increase bliss and wisdom. Finally, dedicating the accumulated merits toward world peace, all beings to have safety and joy, for the teachings to remain for an extensive time, and for all to attain ultimate enlightenment. 

Also, dedicating the merits through repentance and offering to the Buddhas and Sangha to avert calamities and seek blessings for: country and her citizens to have prosperity and peace, smooth weather conditions, donors’ family to have bliss and good health, all karmic obstacles, sickness, and negative energy, etc., to be eliminated, increase in smooth conditions for honour and wealth, eliminating of obstacles for learning the Dharma, immediate increase in current life blessings and virtues, to have abundant clothings and food, and receive the care and guidance of Triple Gem life after life. 

🔸Event Date : 09/08/2024, Friday
💫 3-step-1-bow timing:6.30am-9am

💫 Seek Blessings & Avert calamities Puja:9.30am
💫 Vast offering to Buddhas & Blessings Puja:11am 
Online Offering Closing Date : 06/08/2024, Tuesday 9pm

👉 Please click here to register for 3-step-1-bow session in BW Monastery .

★ Pictures are meant for illustration only.
★ As a safety measure, all light offerings will be placed on the open-air altar at the back of the monastery.
★ All amount collected will be used to support and sponsor the event such as meals and beverage, utilities and ancillary expenses. Name of donors will be acknowledged and displayed during the event. 
★ Note: Any surplus from the donation to this event will be transferred to our Donation Box for Dharma propagation use and to help those in need, so that the merits from your donation will grow endlessly.
★ BW Monastery reserves the final right to make changes to the dedication names if they are not written according to the proposed format.